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We'll take care of the data, you focus on building the visualizations that support your mission

Whether you call it a common operating picture, management report or dashboard, everyone visualizes data differently, often sharing common data resources. FedAPI focuses on indexing common data resources so you don't have to.

Our data index, your data index, their data index, or all the above

Access our public data resources at, run your own data index on-prem or in the cloud, leverage your agency partner's data index or do a combination of all of the above. Just do what makes sense to achieve your mission.


Data Catalog

Helps you and your users quickly see what data resources are available within a single data index and navigate to other catalogs.

Data Insight

Get a glimpse of what the data looks like before you start to use the data including automatic indexing of available data elements and customizable data definitions / references.

Drill down to the resource level and view unique value distributions per data element.


APIs are the heartbeat of FedAPI and enable everything including searching data, rolling up data metrics, interrogating data events and catalog administration.

And of course, all of the APIs are documented using Swagger to ensure frictionless adoption.

Public Government Data Crawler / Import Library

Access all of our crawler scripts and import libraries on Github.

Feel free to use them in your own environment or import new data sources. Don't see the data your looking for, point us in the right direction by submitting a feature request.

Or better yet, write your own script and make a pull request.

Event Tracking

Keep tabs on your data using the event driven timeline.

FedAPI automatically tracks the evolution of your index by self documenting when your data changes. View updates, additions, and modifications all the way down to the resource.

All available via the event APIs to allow your developers to get the same views.

Fast, Scalable and Easy to Deploy

Built on the leading open source indexing engine Elasticsearch to be fast, flexible and horizontally scalable as your indexing needs grow.

Deployable via Docker containers for quick and easy setup and deployment.

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