Government data in easy to consume APIs.

There is so much government data across the internet, but it is difficult to make sense of it all. Budget data, procurement data, acquisition data, you name it, it's out there on the web.

Our goal is to capture, correlate, and make data easily available to enterprise and government application developers through easy to use APIs.

Overview Sign up and GET /fedapi


feature3_icon We Collect

Our web crawlers scour the Internet looking for publicly available government data in various published formats.

We then collect, tag, and store the data onto our cloud servers.


feature3_icon We Correlate

Our team of analysts with years of government experience review the data with a focus on how it relates to other data we have captured.

We then do the heavy lifting of linking the data based upon the various business mission areas so you don't have to.


feature3_icon You GET

Data resources are then exposed through easy to use API endpoints for you to consume and enjoy.

Now you can focus on what you do best - building the applications that help you analyze and run your agency or business.